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The HLT Market Analysts will have the unique responsibility of shaping our data analysis and trading strategies to allow HLT analysts to specialise in data analytics by feeding in the sentimental, fundamental and technical analysis into our proprietary strategy.

This new business sector will allow HLT Ltd to continue our trading journey by trading our own book. 


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The Financial Fraud Victims Charitable Fund (FFVCF) now re-branded to RISE The crypto space has seen a rapid increase of scams and bad projects and we have been contacted by many people who have been taken in by bad actors and lost all their money 

Currently, fraud victims don't have anywhere they can go for help and support. Many people are too embarrassed to come forward when taken in by a bad actor. 

RISE has begun the application to the UK charity Commission to become a fully licensed charity. As there are so many fake Charities out there our charity project will only take donations when that application to the charity commission is nearing completion. 

Please read our mission statement for further details. RISE will now take over all fraud investigations and the victim support in relation to crypto and MetaQuotes/broker fraud.


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The HLT Network is now a limited company. This exciting new company will have a unique purpose as its primary functions will be to support both the Trading and Investments business and our non- profit and charity.

The HLT Network is using the data gathered by the market analysts to create a brand new trading that will be fully integrated and will connect retail traders with legal brokers that suit their particular style of trading. The app will also have our unique data driven analytical volatility prediction tools. Our app will also have all of the various trading charts etc.

The HLT Network is also responsible for the creation of NFTs for our charity project RISE. More excitingly, The HLT Network are creating a new trading app with never before seen features, analytics that will revolutionise retail trading.

The HLT Network provides marketing and PR expertise to the entire HLT brand and will continue to grow the HLT brand on the various social media platforms. 

The HLT founder has tested products and evaluated products since 2007.

 HLT Ltd is changing 

Becoming a fully licenced financial outlet remains the main aim, but a longer term strategy. 

The business is allocating resources to the market analytics and data gathering. 

Using this data is allowing us to develop proprietary trading techniques.

HLT will be operating its copy trading brand through the Axi copy trading app.

Using our market analytics we believe gives as our "trading edge." 

The RISE organisation will now be responsible for publishing material in relations to scams. 

HLT has now allocated resources to develop our own app. This app will the worlds first fully integrated trading app that will change the industry. Bringing trading into a single app and software platform. 

Hatton Li Traders LTD Business Sectors

Hatton Li Traders Ltd - Market Analysts

Our Market Analysts business sector specialises in proprietary analytical strategies that are adaptable to changing market conditions.

Our risk management strategy is to maximise profits without risking huge lot sizes to do so. HLT also reserves the right not to trade when market conditions are too volatile or analytical strategies identifies trades that have less than 70% success probability. 

Every trade the market analysis team places, is done by using our probability formula which factors in technical analysis as well as fundamental and sentimental analysis. However, HLT Ltd will never increase lot sizes based on probability. The safety of client funds, remains our number one priority and risk strategy. 

Hatton Li Traders Ltd - Trading and Investment

Watch out for our HLT copy trading channel via our regulated affiliate broker Axi (

Axi is a trading name of Axi Financial Services (UK) Limited which is registered in England and Wales under number 6050593. Axi Financial Services (UK) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - Firm Reference Number 466201. The Axi registered address is 1 Finsbury Market, London EC2A 2BN.

Our Long Term aim is to become a fully FCA licenced financial business and HLT will continue to apply operational standards. 

HLT Non-Profit Organisation Ltd

HLT has received our official incorporation certificate for the HLT Non-Profit Organisation. Currently, the HLT Non-Profit Organisation Ltd continues to support the formation of our charity project RISE.  

The Financial Fraud Victims Charity has been rebranded as RISE. RISE raises funds using various fund raising activities and donations. The charity mission statement has has now been published and the RISE website is up and running. RISE is now supporting victims of financial fraud who have had their lives ravaged by fraudulent white-label brokers and unvetted online projects, RISE offer's financial, and legal assistance to give victims the means to get their lives back in order by giving victims the legal help to fight back following being scammed by an illegal MT4/5 broker, or being involved in a crypto scam. The charity will now take full responsibility for all anti-fraud campaigns. The "protecting you online" campaign will continue as a RISE charity initiative, to actively investigate and expose and confront online scams and scammers and various other related criminality and we will CONTINUE our work with the authorities to bring criminals to justice.

RISE will take over actively campaigning against MetaQuotes until white-label software licences are abolished, or a stringent audit process is put in place to weed out illegal brokers. The charity will also offer a free "check my investment" service where we will background check and risk assess your potential investment project or broker. We will also actively educate people on how to do the same.

Legitimate crypto projects and legitimate brokers wanting a legitimate partner, can apply to us to attain the "emblematic" status. Any project that wants to carry our emblematic service will have to apply and our trained consultants will ensure that your business or platform will meet the four pillar standards. Providing the new brokers and platforms meets our standards, we will grant the platform or brokers membership into the emblematic quality service list. However, our standards are very stringent as we have peoples safety in mind. All platforms that pass the emblematic standards  will be listed on emblematic page as a trusted vendor as well as being issued with the rise badge and unique membership number.

Similarly, we will list bad projects also. RISE has now selected the Trustees and the application to the UK charity commission has started. 

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