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HLT Keeps You Safe Online

Its very simple, digital currency means that value is now a digital footprint. There is more effort that goes into gaining your funds by illicit means than actual safe legal projects and even the best and smartest analysts can miss the smallest of details.

Follow our guides below and keep yourself safe. 


Check, check and recheck. 

If you someone cold calls you wanting to invest via a broker, go to Wikifx or download the app, for Forex trading let Wikifx be your new best friend as all brokers are scored here. If a broker doesn't have a licence, run, better yet, if the broker isn't listed run even quicker. 

Wiki FX lists all brokers and scores them across a multitude of factors from inceptions, complaints, sector indexes and most importantly licence. If the broker only has a white label MT4 licence run.


The FCA are the UK regulator, check where the company is from and reach out to that countries regulative body. 

Read our guide to project safety in the crypto world. Follow the 4 pillars to project safety and keep yourself safe from scammers. 

These scams are new and the scammers go all out to prove their worth. Sending face masks etc, but its all part of the scam.

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