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Nailed It….. Interpol Arrest Cyber Criminal in Nigeria.

Interpol arrest a 37 year old man who was the head of a known criminal gang in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Watch Out Fraudsters!

Its been a busy month in Lyon, as Interpol have arrested their second major criminal in as many weeks. A 37 year old Nigerian was arrested 2 days ago in Lagos, a known cyber crime hotspot. HLT have also become aware of significant activity in Nigeria in recent months as arbitrage scams EDAI and now Cala are operating out of the Lagos area.

It isn’t known yet if the 37 year old apprehended had any connection to EDAI and TAMER scams, however, given the proximity, it is widely expected that the man arrested will be able corroborate further information of the arbitrage scam network based in  Lagos, Nigeria and South Africa. We are hopeful that further arrests will be made in Africa following information that has been provided to the authorities in the wake of these scams and that the 37 year old will corroborate information we provided.

“The arrest of this alleged prominent cybercriminal in Nigeria is testament to the perseverance of our international coalition of law enforcement and INTERPOL’s private sector partners in combating cybercrime.”

Garba Baba Umar, Assistant Inspector General of the Nigeria Police Force, Head of Nigeria’s INTERPOL National Central Bureau and Vice President for Africa on INTERPOL’s Executive Committee.

HLT will provide further updates on this story as we are hopeful further arrests will be made.


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