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The Charitable Journey Has Begun

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HLT LTD has started its charitable journey and will be launched under the HLT Non-Profit Organisation. Alongside the charity will be a charitable foundation that will help fund charitable activities and events. 


The world is a different place now than it was 4 years ago. People have taken to using the markets to increase and replace their current earnings.
The problem is though that rookie traders and anybody new to the markets are most at risk.

The finance sector is without doubt the most corrupt sector. In HLT's short life span we have seen first hand how good partnerships can turn bad overnight, how corruptive influences can literally turn a broker seeking regulation to become a prime broker into a Ponzi. 

HLT over the passed 10 months have spoke with lots of fraud victims, and we have heard their accounts first hand, and the devastation it has had on peoples lives.

This is why HLT has turned its part of our resources away from trading at the to setup a registered charity here in the UK that we hope will also serve people globally. RISE-CVF will be the first of its kind in that it will help people get their lives back on track by offering emotional, financial and legal help.

The RISE-CVF website is now available and the application to the UK charity commission has been submitted.


HLT Foundation - In Concept

The foundation will create NFT's (none fungible tokens) or graphical art projects. The profits from the NFT's will go into the HLT Foundation, this will help fund some the charitable activities.

A portion of these funds will also be added and kept into a trading fund where it is our intention to manage this trading fund to increase the foundation funds and make this money available to the charitable fund to be administered by the trustees.

As both the charity and foundation takes shape over the coming months as will our interactions with the charitable environment.

HLT Events - In Concept

HLT Events will be the driving force behind the charitable activities. The HLT Network will support the marketing aspect of the HLT Events.
Until the charity if more developed, we don't feel it is appropriate to start the large events we have planned. Ideally, we dont want to do any events at all until we have been fully incorporated by the charity commission. 
However, the advice from the charity commission states that we can start fundraising whilst we are developing the charity, providing we explain to the public where the FFVCF is in terms of development. 
Therefore it might be necessary for us to programme some minor activities to allow us to have a small pot of funds that is required to establish the charity. 

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