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H:LT LTD Market Analysts offers market specialisation across forex strategies and risk management.

HLT Trading and Investments

HLT T&I Have linked up with Axi and are offering Forex currency trading. HLT will also participate in Axi copy trading. The HLT T&I sector is responsible for onboarding new clients. 

HLT Non-Profit Organisation.jpg
HLT Network.jpg

HLT Non-Profit Organisation Ltd comprises of a charitable fund and a supporting foundation.

The HLT Network is the supporting arm of the business providing public relations for each business branch. NFT sales, social media and project endorsements along with external PR will fall under The HLT Network branch.

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RISE Will provide, financial, legal and emotional support to victims of financial crime. Education around online scams will be provided, and we will support our online campaigns and campaigns of our partners. 

The HLT Foundation will be funded through the business largely through NFT sales and excess business earnings.


Hatton Li Traders LTD Business Structure

HLT is evolving and growing into new sectors, below is the new structure HLT Ltd has taken. The finance world is an ever evolving ever changing environment and HLT Ltd needs to maintain its business edge.

HLT is now structured into supporting business elements. 

HLT Events will arrange various fundraising events and activities with all proceeds going towards the charitable fund to help support victims. 

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