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Help us fight MetaQuotes / MetaFintech to abolish white label licenses 

MetaQuotes / MetaFintech allow their MT4 and MT5 licences to be used by unlicensed brokers. White label licenses are a very profitable revenue stream for MetaQuotes earning between $3000 and $5000 each month.

Unlicensed brokers such as RT Trader or Ruitong are fleecing unsuspecting victims by using the MetaQuotes software to fool victims into thinking they are a legitimate licensed broker. The MT4/5 software, allows these illegal brokers and criminals to create fake accounts that fool victims into thinking the funds they deposited to the broker has been deposited to their account. When in truth the funds in their MT4 account are fake as the funds sent to the broker have been pocketed by the broker for illicit means. The software then allows the illegal broker to create fake charts where the fool investors into thinking they are earning profits, when in truth its all a scam. The Ruitong/RT Trader victims we spoke to we put in desperate situations. Many borrowed funds after being pressured by their agents, some clients would lose their house, and many were suicidal.

The victims are not discriminate, we spoke to blind people, people who were seriously unwell, using all their savings to purchase healthcare. Some victims lost their wives, these illegal brokers are taking money from people, then they shut down the website or lock all the accounts.

We advocate that MT4 should give their profits to the victims and abolish the white label license, this cooperate criminality. When people are getting hurt, then the company needs to take responsibility but MetaQuotes refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing. Our Charity and foundation will fund a legal action against MetaQuotes because good simple people are losing their life savings, thier wives, their health, while MetaQuotes does absolutely nothing but sit back and watch while collecting phenomenal amounts of money.

If MetaQuotes refusing to act with any sort of ethics then we must make MetaQuotes accountable because by allowing these criminals to use their MT4/5 software, there are supporting a criminal network to create illicit revenue who are likely moving the stolen funds from unsuspecting victims into various other criminal rackets, such as human trafficking the illegal sex trade, drugs and various other misery they wish to inflict upon the world. 

Help us abolish white labels licences by supporting our campaign.


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