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HLT Non-Profit Organisation LTD

RISE - The Charity For Victims of Fraud


HLT Non-Profit Organisation LTD
RISE - The Charity For Victims Of Fraud 
Mission Statement


  •  Having seen the devastating effects that financial crime has on people throughout the world, it is our wish to help people get their lives back by offering, financial, emotional and legal support so that victims don’t lose their home, and some cases their lives. It is our desire to help people put their lives back together as well as assist with legal fees to help fund court orders for the freezing of illicit bank accounts and exchange wallets involved in this crime.

  • We will also devote part of our fundraising funds to raising awareness and funding an investigative arm of the charity to investigate suspect projects and brokers that HLT and our partners have found or that have been raised by our support network. The HLT Network will then take responsibility for utilising various social media outlets to advise people which projects/brokers are suspect. We will also offer a badging procedure for project and brokers that we have deemed safe. The good projects will then be listed on our good projects list. The bad projects will similarly be listed. Currently HLT are proactively advising Telegram groups and WhatsApp groups when they are involved in a scam platforms. During April and May 2022, HLT have advised numerous people to withdraw their funds from suspect projects. We will continue to do this and we will employ staff to keeping people safe online and we will continue to grow the HLT Network. We will also popularise our campaign to “protect you online”.   

  • Part of our funding will go to funding a litigation against MetaQuotes/MetaFintech and their continued support of criminal organisations. MetaQuotes/Metafintechs white label licensing scheme, has created an illegal enterprise of illegal offshore brokers. These brokers are using their partnership with MetaQuotes to prove legitimacy. HLT will therefore fund litigation to end whitelabel licenses forever and expose MetaQuotes as well as sue for damages for our clients that have had their lives destroyed by a white label broker that are put in business by MetaQuotes. MetaFintech who supplies the white label brokers should also be made responsible to providing MT4/5 licencing that allows illegal brokers to fraud people into thinking that they are legitimate.

  • HLT LTD is actively in the fight against arbitrage scams. These slick scams are the latest wave of financial crime.

  • The HLT Non-Profit charity will be a registered charity in the UK with the hope of helping people worldwide if the criteria has been satisfied.

The purpose of this page is to advise people about our charitable foundation as well as known scams. Currently, we are working with similar projects such as SEEK 2 (formerly SEEK token/RugSeekers) to keep users safe online. The crypto currency space is now the wild west. where only 10% of projects are legitimate. Sadly SEEK have now left the Crypto space but there are people that are still working hard to secure Crypto has a safe space.

Arbitrage scams and Mining scams are new, but the White label broker scams is as old as the day is long. Look out for our articles while we keep you safe online.  

If we kept you safe online and you want to donate please use the address below. Your donation will go into the foundation and we will continue our work to keep you safe. Also if there is a suspicious project you want us to check out. Then please contact us. 

For the people we have saved so far if you want  to donate. This is our TRC20 wallet address: TV2TQSf6jHxfMhaBhnGxoY68ryadcRR7hh

Known Scams and How To Avoid Them

HLT LTD Foundation. Will become a separate entity from HLT LTD, we have applied for a non profit charitable organisation and we welcome back Ms Li, HLT co-founder to run it for us. 

Meta Fintech/Meta Quotes are behind one of the longest running scams in trading history. Read why they get away with it so far. 

Liquidity mining, staking, free NFT mints, fake investment sites for daily 

Read our expose and what Coinbase Support also had to say on the matter.

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