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Meta Quotes The company Culture

Gareth Hatton

15 Aug 2022

Rotten To The Core

In our last MetaQuotes article we established a firm legal footing for the legal case against MetaQuotes to move forward. With the legal framework now fully developed, it is time now we took a deeper look at the sinister culture of this company.

After the debacle with former MQ stooge Mr Boulra, HLT's attention turned to operational matters as we sat back and watched how MQ dealt with an MQ scam victim. Let’s take a closer look at the operational culture of MQ and we can also throw a corroborative MQ employee to corroborate this article and formalise further the indictment of MQ as we can add a new charge to the roster.

"Profiting directly from an illegal enterprise or enterprises."

We have confirmation from a MQ sales employee that MQ, are indeed well aware that the company is handing out their Metatrader software to companies that have the sole purpose to commit fraud.

HLT Ltd maybe the David of this story taking on Goliath, but as David had his deadly but accurate slingshot, HLT Ltd has a number of smart operators and contacts. This article might not be the kill shot that slayed the Philistine giant, but with the right traction, it will open a wound, a wound that will hopefully become infected and eventually fester, then, the world can see inside the rotten soul of MQ and the hideous business practices as they worship the almighty dollar.

A simple check across the MQ websites is quite revealing, it is virtually impossible to contact MQ, no complaints handling procedure, and as we pointed out in the last article, MQ don’t even follow their own terms and conditions so why would they speak to anyone regarding a complaint? A rhetorical question, one to mull over as we move deeper into the quagmire of the corporate culture of MQ, suffice to say, MQ don't put people in places where they can be asked difficult questions, a deliberate tactic from a company that is complicit in illegal activities.

The MQ website has no phone numbers, no email, WhatsApp or social media links, all that exists on the contact us page, is a collection of international addresses, which is about as useful as a wet towel when you need to get dry. Why would a company operate like this? Well, their customer base is unique in that the brokers are their customers and MQ feel insulated as any dispute exists between the broker and the customer, not MQ and customer, but this is about to change with our legal challenge.

So, MQ don’t need to work hard looking for new customers. The only new customers that come their way are illegal brokers. So, if you are a member of the public wanting to contact MQ and complain to them and ask them why they continue to put their software into the hands of thieves? Or why MQ allow illegal brokers to have the means to use your software to feign legitimacy by allowing the blackmarket brokers to give the appearance of being licensed to unsuspecting traders and fraud people using Forex, then tough luck folks. However, if you are an illegal broker, with ties to criminal organisations and you have money you want laundered to continue a whole raft of other illegal enterprises, then no problem, fill out the MetaTrader 5 form and MQ will respond in no time.

The only contact option on the MQ website is for a free trial the MetaTrader 5, but wait there is a catch, you have to be a registered company to get your hands on their trial software, but illegal brokers know that it is very easy to get a company registered, all you need is £12 and fill out the companies house website forms and you are done.

One of our connected allies registered a company and pretended they wanted an MT5 trial. They setup a company, filled out the form on the MQ website and a lovely salesperson contacted our allies very swiftly indeed. When there is potential for MQ to net $3000 a month from an illegal enterprise, MQ are at your beck and call, ask difficult questions on the social media, they ignore you, block you and complain about your conduct, but MQ know full well, I am only writing factual based opinions and MQ wont come forward with a legal challenge against me because during the discovery, I am entitled to ask for all legal documentation as part of the discovery process, this would prove beyond a doubt MQ’s complicity with the illegal brokers, their response, ignore me and complain to each social media platform or send or former stooge to do their dirty work.

Just as HLT were getting into the fight with MQ, Mr Manoj MQ CEO, contacted one of the MQ victims. We shall keep him nameless by calling him Mr X. The only reason why Manoj contacted Mr X was because Mr X became very loud on social media, attacking MQ loudly for their blatant complicity in the Illegal brokerages scams that sprang up quickly during COVID to take advantage of the global crisis. HLT has established without a shadow of a doubt that these illegal brokers could only fraud people using investment fraud, because MetaTrader gives the illegal brokers the one thing they don’t have, legitimacy, here is evidence of an Agent working for RT Trader (Ruitong) who tries to push the idea onto me that they are legitimate because they have MT4. How many new investors, rookie traders look at the MT4 and assume that the broker is licensed because they have MT4? Thankfully we think this individual is now in custody.

In our investigation, and we spoke to 100s of people, every victim admitted that they were conned by the brokers agent because the broker had access to MT4. Is this MQs fault that people are so susceptible in this way? Of course not, but they are responsible for giving the illegal brokers the means to fraud people in this way, and they have to take responsibility. The software could have a warning on the software asking the user to check and ensure the brokers is licensed a link to a page on the MQ website showing users how to check broker licenses etc, simple solutions but MQ know if they warned users about illegal brokers, no illegal broker would take up their white label license. MQ will then lose out on millions in revenue. MQ could be responsible and put a license audit in place, this would keep people safe, but, MQ are not prepared to lose out on the millions in revenue they receive from illegal brokers, and they know it, so they make the software as easily accessible for the illegal brokers as possible and easy to manipulate also, this is the worst part.

With access to the MT4 software, the illegal brokers now has the direct means to start their fraud campaigns. The MT4 software allows the illegal broker to create fake charts, the software also gives illegal brokers the means to create fake users accounts, so when money is paid to them usually by crypto or wire transfer due to the virtually impossible means to recover the funds sent using these methods, they can then create fake deposits into the fake accounts. The users then think they are trading, but its all fake, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood MQ software dealer.

This isn’t being robbed by a fast car as Mr Manoj states, because any body can steal any type of fast car and commit a robbery. There is only 1 company on the planet that provides software to nefarious people that gives them the ability to commit fraud so easily. It is MQ that puts this software into the hands of criminals, it is MQ who turns a blind eye to the fraud, it is MQ who refuse to respond to complaints, it is MQ who profits, and profits and profits. This is the underbelly of the MQ experience, on the surface you see a shining pillar in the investment world, but the truth about the culture of MQ is very different.

How can I be so confident of my indictment? Her name is Helena Cypress. Works, or worked in the sales department at MQ. This is a sample of the conversation with Mr X. Very simple question asked.

Question Mr X: Are White-Label brokers able to perform scams?

Answer Helena Cypress: 100%

Answer Helena Cypress: This is what we are facing every day.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the sales department at

MQ are fully aware that the white label brokers have the ability to pull

scams. My question to MQ is why wasn’t the white label version of the

software built to prevent any illegal activity such as the creation of fake

charts, fake account fake deposits etc? Why are MQ giving questionable

people the very means to fraud people with?

Maybe we shouldn’t blame MQ too harshly, because when the top is

rotten, what chance does the rest of the company have. Lets pick up

with Mr Manoj once again. As HLT started turning up the heat on MQ.

Mr Manoj then took up the role as chief arbiter, the optics of HLT

publishing material that can potentially harm MQ isn’t great for MQ, so

Mr Manoj attempted to present a benevolent front by looking as though

he was helping some one in need.

During this time, Mr X had to agree not to support our cause, otherwise

Mr Manoj would not help Mr X attempt to get his money back. Manoj,

contacted Altman the broker which frauded Mr X.

Now this is important, because this little nugget of information proves

that MQ has the contact details of these criminals and if they wanted

to, MQ could EASILY assist, in putting the victim in touch with the

criminal that frauded them. So, why then wont MQ help the victim when

there is clear evidence of wrong doing? MQ are obliged to align with the

criminals because they are paid by the criminals. MQ are fully aware of

the fraud situation but refuse to acknowledge it.

In this instance Instead of putting Mr X in direct contact with Altman,

Mr Manoj played the role of arbiter, and requested information from


Manoj claimed that Altman sent him fake receipts. Mr Manoj then

tried to deflect blame away from MQ by offering up the broker that

vouched for the white label license. Sure enough, another licensed

broker does indeed needto vouch for the illegal broker to gain a

software license, this makes both the licensed broker and MQ complicit

as neither have the required audit in place to ensure the white label

broker is clean, but wait a minute, why on earth are MQ giving an

unregulated broker the means to operate as if there were one? Another

rhetorical question, the answer simply comes back to $$$$$$.

Its simple, no unlicensed broker should have access to the MT4 software

license,HLT will continue the fight until white label licenses have been

outlawed and MQ are brought to justice. The Financial Fraud Victims Charity

will fund the legal costs against MQ as the world needs to know just what

MQ are, and the ravaging effect they are having on the thousands of people

around the globe.

I digress….. Mr Manoj offered the broker who vouched for the White label license

and our best HLT analyst, well advanced in internet searches was unable to find

any trace of the broker Manoj offered up. Manoj then offered another broker, same

result, not even WikiFx could find trace of either brokers and not at any time did

Manoj give this victim, a man who had a vile crime perpetrated against him, using

the software his company gave to the illegal broker, make any attempt to offer him

direct contact details with his tormenter. This sickening play of public relations on

the side of MQ and Mr Manoj is clear display of a company culture with no morale

compass. All MQ care about is their bottom line, the mighty dollar, but the day of

judgement is finally here.

In the coming weeks, we will publish letters from the MQ victims as our court orders

are being prepared. The world will see first hand how MQ are the complicit middlemen

in the biggest scam in the world. Sure enough MQ aren’t the fraudsters in this tale, they

are what make the fraudsters a fraudster.

Simply put, if an arms dealer created and sold a IED that killed lots people,

would the perpetrator be the criminal alone? Of course not, the arms dealer

who created the IED would also be prosecuted.

With the legal argument established, the victims coming forward in droves a

day of reckoning is coming for Mr Manoj. Mr X is just one case. A simple

coconut farmer, a man who trusted someone and lost everything because

how was he to know that a company like MQ would be involved in allowing

illegal companies to use their software for illicit means. If MQ had the correct

morale culture, this would be avoidable, yet thousands of people are being

frauded and MQ sit back and let it happen and profit from it.

As the charges stack up against MQ, we can now prove the MQ are directly

profiting from illegal companies that are committing acts of fraud.

It is only a matter of time now. The expo in September promises to be a really

interesting event.

By Gareth Hatton.

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