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SEEK Formerly Known As Rugseekers

You are probably thinking who or what are SEEK right? I therefore think its appropriate to introduce SEEK in their own words.

“We are a group of experienced investors SEEKing to rid the crypto space of fraud and corruption of any type. This group was born out of personal loss by its development team and out of necessity for our community. Crypto space, namely the BSC market, has been heading down a dark path and we are taking a stand against what has become the norm. Join us in the good fight. Let us evaluate your project and give you an unbiased risk assessment. We are not financial advisors. Our goal is to make crypto a better and safer place for the investor.”

The seek shield is now proudly adorned on the HLT homepage. Security, Stability, Education, Community, Transparency. These are the five operational pillars that the SEEK supporters and community must adhere to.

So who are they? SEEK are volunteers of like-minded individuals with excellent IT skills who have come together to rid the world of the criminals that take honest, hardworking people’s money. In a space beyond regulation currently, Crypto is the wild west, and there are more illegal projects that want to get their hands on your money illegally than there are legal projects out there.

SEEK represent hope, the crypto space is full of fraudsters, scammers of every denomination. You only need to look into the myriad of telegram groups and over 90% of the Crypto projects want to scam you.  However, despite the odds, to see a community growing from the good people of the fintech world, it proves that good people still exist in the world. The pursuit of wealth has become the poison that is corrupting the hearts of minds of so many. But this is where SEEK is making a stand and HLT stands with SEEK side by side, arm in arm.

Last year HLT partnered with what turned out to be a bad broker. Promises were made by the broker, that if we partnered with them, they would seek regulative licence. At some point the broker turned bad, and during the course of our investigation into the broker we learned that Meta-Quotes, the MT4 software creator were putting illegal brokers into business by giving these criminals access to the Forex market through their software licencing.

That put us, HLT, into the fight against these brokers and Meta-Quotes, but the fight is hard without allies, and we were at the point of nearly giving up when we learned about SEEK through the Bloomberg article that shows the great work SEEK are able to do, and now, HLT are no longer in this fight alone. We have experienced personal loss and we are not accepting the loss as being loss, because great changes in the world have been made when people come together in a single cause. Learning about SEEK has given us the vigour and determination to see through the fight. This fight is fought on our own terms and our smarts are our ammunition, our skills are our weapons, but our unity is the defining ideology that will protect and save many people throughout the world.

SEEK are the torch in the darkness leading this fight.

Written by Gareth Hatton (CEO, Hatton Li Traders Ltd )


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