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Core Values

Every company old or young, big or small, should have an ideology of how the business will interact with its customers and clients. As HLT branches across various sectors, we have to build a company that has its foundations in the core values.

Our intention here is that HLT LTD will build all our customer products based on each core value we have decided to use as our operational standards. These standards will be the corner stone for how we build our company so that our customers and clients can always enjoy the best service we can provide, the service you deserve.


HLT LTD are building a company where integrity is beyond question. No matter what service we provide you in future, you can rest assured that we will always act with your best interests. 

Market Specialisation

To ensure we can create good returns for our customers and clients, HLT are maximising market specialisation in currency trading, commodities and Futures. As HLT grows we will expand our specialisation.


 HLT are building the required compliance knowledge and market skills to compliment our vast data analytics applications experience.


HLT LTD applies standards to ensure that our copy trading strategies are inline with current market information using sentimental, fundamental and technical analytical techniques along with our data driven analytics.


To ensure we can build our business integrity, we will apply honest principles to all our interactions and we will also ensure that any suppliers we choose will similarly match our level of integrity.

Customer Service

Customer service and feedback is at the very heart of our company. We are new, and we want to get things right immediately. HLT understand that competition is fierce and therefore our customer service charter will be reflected throughout our company.


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