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Major Interpol Takedown

Its been a busy summer for Interpol who have targeted various scam networks, this latest takedown is the biggest in recent weeks.

Interpol 4 - 0 Scammers

On many levels Covid changed the world as job losses and lack of earnings has seen people for the first time take to the markets. Sadly, the market rookies are the most susceptible to fraud. Anyone new to the market are easy prey for the scammers and the illegal brokers of the world. MetaQuotes are part of the problem is they continue to dish out their white label MT4 licenses to the black brokers because it is too costly not to, ethics don't matter when profits are at stake, at least for some companies.

The white label license is the perfect fraud vehicle, an illegal broker can easily fool a rookie trader into thinking his account, his funds and his trades are all real. The truth is it isn't. Thankfully, Interpol are taking action on the large networks of ponzi scammers, and illegal brokers, the latest sting the took place 16th June 2020, has seen over 100 arrested, concentrated in China and Singapore and over millions ceased in various accounts that are now frozen.

If you have been scammed by a romance scammer or by social engineering that led you to being involved in any number of scams that relieved you of your hard earned cash take heed knowing the that criminals no longer have the funds they stole from you, probably using software from MetaQuotes.

Read the full story here.

HLT Ltd intend to make enquires to inform you if there is a process in place for the scam victims to apply to Interpol and have their funds returned to them. More to come......................

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