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Setting The Standard 


Setting The Standard – Why A Seek KYC Shield Is Where The Industry Needs To Be.

Close your eyes for a moment and consider the following......... 
.........................The year is now 2024, the Metaverse is in full swing and the Crypto market place has finally become a place where investors can now trust the various projects they give their money to. (What? Really? Sounds like a fantasy right? How on earth did this become reality? Keep reading)...................

In this future, to check a projects legitimacy, any investor can simply identify the SEEK shield of authenticity on the projects website or whitepaper. Now that the SEEK shield is evident, investor confidence is instantly established and the fears of being embroiled in a pump and dump scam or rug pull, or any other kind of scam, instantly subside. In this future, the gold standard of project vetting is a SEEK KYC shield, clicking on the link takes the browser to the vetted project page on the official SEEK platform and the project name appears. This last check was enough for the investor to move a significant amount of funds to the project, all of this is done without losing a single nights sleep.

This little flight of fancy might be Crypto utopia because here in June 2022, there are too many scams out there for a few good men and women to deal with because its far easier to develop a project scam and rip people off, than it is to develop a clean project.

But as more and more people feel the pain of being scammed, the more people will be less tolerable to scam projects and will start educating themselves about the KYC process, project vetting and investors will start pushing back projects that doesn't bear the SEEK shield. HLT Ltd have started pushing back on projects that cant prove they have been vetted by SEEK and we know other people in the market place who are doing the same as we recognise that the SEEK KYC is the gold standard of vetting the whole marketplace needs to adopt.

Currently, the Crypto market is still the wild west, and those who aren’t in the know, are the most vulnerable, these are the first time traders, the rookies, even the more experienced investor can get caught in a scam. The biggest problem facing investors is that most developers and investors are focussed on the wrong aspects of the project. Developers push their ROI as the hallmark of their product. Naturally, investors want to believe the ROI, and so the salivating begins as the new investors mind wanders to Miami beach and early retirement.

To start with the investor plays it safe, invests low, withdraws a few times, the airdrop comes and the investor increases his deposits, the cycle continues for 6 to 8 weeks, and then it happens, the withdrawal is still pending.  A day goes by, followed by another, the investor attempts to remove his funds but the developer is no longer responding to investors messages, boom, the realisation hits, it’s a f£$*ng scam. The ramifications of the scam suddenly begins to take affect, a range of emotions begin to manifest through the investors body, shifting to rage and then despair. Then the physical symptoms start to display effects as the tightening of the stomach occurs, the investor feels sick. The investor picks up the baseball bat and suddenly realises that developer name, customer service or contract was never received. The emotions of rage turn to a helplessness even embarrassment.

Unfortunately, this scenario is probably happening to someone now, and it will happen again tomorrow, and the next day and the next day etc etc. It sickens me that the undeserving are walking off with hard earned cash, and it simply has to stop.

Time for change.

How do we stop the scam platforms? In truth, we can’t stop new scam projects from being developed. But we can set a vetting standard and educate both investors and developers into only accepting a vetted project, properly KYCd. We can educate people into understanding the ROI is no longer the most important factor when considering investing your funds. Because these ROI’s are pumped up to get your money and often over inflate the profit yield and what good are the funds anyway if the developer is going honeypot your wallet and run off with your funds. Therefore, transparency is a must, knowing your developer is critical, having sight of the smart contract and liquidity wallet addresses.

As the CEO and cofounder of HLT Ltd, we will not publicly endorse or invest in any Crypto project that isn’t SEEK KYCd. Project vetting is what Hatton Li Traders Ltd bases our investor confidence on and I implore all investors do the same and demand the project to be vetted. Remember, these projects want our money, so its up to us to demand what our requirements are. Also the KYC process doesn't stop when SEEK hand out the vetted shield. Hell no, SEEK continue to monitor these projects and people, because at the end of the day anyone granted with a SEEK shield are now pioneers and standard bearers and for the process to work the ongoing quality checking is vital to both the certificate the certifier.

Poodle Token and SEEK Token are two projects setup with like minded ethical people who have more pride in producing a legitimate viable successful project that people can have confidence in, that doesn’t hurt people, and if you look at the current market cap of each project it shows that these tokens will be successful because they have investor confidence. Both tokens present hope, in a market place full of fraudsters scammers and various nefarious criminals. 

We believe that SEEK Token and Poodle Token will be hugely successful because they represent a new era in the Crypto space. These two projects have established a new frontier as the wild west is becoming a little less wild. 

Snap forwards once again to 2024, both SEEK Token and Poodle Token are now listed on all exchanges, people have got behind these projects because both SEEK and PoodleToken stand for integrity. This integrity is a light the has been shone into the darkest places of the Crypto market place and the bad actors can no longer hide because if they aren’t vetted, they ain't getting funds. We really believe that our flight of fancy will become a reality, and we believe this is the future, a future of transparency, legitimacy, safety, integrity and ethics. 

Written by Gareth Hatton


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