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Interpol Arrest International Scammer

Our Fight Against Finance Crime Yield's Its Second Arrest As Interpol Arrest Ponzi Scammer

On the 5th May 2022,  Interpol agents arrested a Chinese national in a global response against finance fraud and transactional crime.  Using various websites like the RT Trader/RT Alive (now defunct) (that still has browser heading Juhui, the websites former iteration because the scam developers are too dumb to realise their mistake). The scheme estimated to have defrauded nearly 24,000 victims out of EUR 34 million and one of the ring leaders was arrested in Papua New Guinea following cooperation via INTERPOL and the culmination of various police agencies in various countries as well as other unofficial entities providing valuable intel. 

Posing as an investment opportunity promising attractive returns, the scheme exploited social media and word of mouth to attract investors and incite them to recruit others. In reality, existing debts were paid with funds received from more recent investors in a textbook Ponzi scheme while the operators enriched themselves using white label MT4 licence provided to them by MetaFintech to trick and defraud rookie traders into handing over their life savings while putting many victims into considerable debts.

Victims that spoke to us had lost their house had amassed huge debts they could never repay while other victims were left suicidal.  This arrest is the second in as many weeks as people are starting to fight back against these international scammers.

If you have also been scammed and require assistance please contact us immediately, we want to help you.

Written by Gareth Hatton (CEO, Hatton Li Traders Ltd )

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