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Gareth Hatton

5 Jun 2022

The day is finally upon us as Cure Chain Launches

It almost sells itself doesn’t it? The word cure is a verb, a verb that offers promise, hope, and endless possibilities. For anyone that has lived with sick relations the word cure would have been nothing short of salvation. Rest assured this project is about curing people and this idea isn’t a meme token supporting a popular punk band that was around in the eighties.

For many people the Crypto marketplace can be place of negativity where the underserved carry out nefarious schemes to enrich themselves at the expense of others. For others though, when used correctly, the Crypto marketplace presents different types of opportunities, these opportunities when harnessed correctly, has the power to make the world a genuinely better place.

We first heard about Cure Chain through our association with the SEEK community. The SEEK community is a thriving community where the ethically sound come together to be a part of a community without the worry of infiltration from the less than salubrious of the Crypto environment. The SEEK community is a Crypto utopia leading the fight against the undeserved the fraudsters and the scammers.

So it makes perfect sense for Cure Chain to become part of this community. But what is Cure Chain?

Cure Chain is next phase of the Cure Token project that was launched in September. This new Token will launch on the 6th June 2022. Mark the moment as a significant one as we predict great things for this token based on a numbers factors. So lets get to know more about the project.

This is Cure Chain in their own words:

CURE and its CURE chain counterpart are symbiotic and will work in harmony with one another, the former continuing to raise and donate to research facilities battling the dreadful disease, and the families of sufferers themselves, and the latter will be responsible for the complete overhaul of the global healthcare and research systems.

To completely revolutionize international healthcare as we know it.

The back ground to the project starts with a known philanthropist Jacob Beckely. Jacob Beckely is chairman and founder of the Beckley Foundation a nonprofit/charity that is dedicated to making a difference in the area of childhood cancers. Childhood cancer cases globally are estimated to be around 400,000 per year from 2016 and are expected to increase at a rate of 100,000 per year. So far the foundation raised over 1 million dollars to help fight paediatric cancers which has funded research and raising awareness.

Similarly to Cure Token, Cure Chain is a community owned project, which has real potential that can make a real impact in the world, for everyone. In the UK, the heralded NHS system is now largely expected to be replaced with a commercialised, privatised business, elements of which has already started. Therefore, Cure and Cure Chain becomes more important, not just for the UK or the US, but for the entire world as everyone can invest in Cure Chain to make is a success and also gain access to healthcare.

Of course, a global healthcare system isn’t going to appear overnight and it might sound like pure ideology, indeed, even in Mr Beckleys own words “the idea is still in its infancy.” But, great changes comes with taking the first steps, and Cure Token was that small step and since September the thinking has now fully formulated into credible almost futuristic take on the healthcare system by revolutionising the passage of medical data using DLT layers to make important healthcare data readily available globally which trumps the localised deficient approach that world governments are bound to.

As with all projects that come through the SEEK community, Cure Chain comes fully vetted and it ticks all the boxes. The developer is known, contract address is public. Even more impressive is that the Beckley Foundation has also sponsored the Nascar team and celebrated driver Noah Gragson.

Any projects that come through the SEEK community are always reliable, safe, legal and totally credible. This is why HLT are backing this token to do great things, similar to Cure Token and its 52 million market cap, we expect Cure Chain to self perpetuate into a gargantuan token and it would be foolish not get involved from its inception.

Bearing in mind the success of Poodle Token and SEEK Token based on their current market cap, it is a safe bet that this token will do the same. Mr Beckleys talking about the Cure Token. “I’m hoping Cure Chain will be one of the best known tokens around.” And you cant really argue with a man who offers our children hope and we expect that Cure Chain will do the same.

Cure Chain launches tomorrow 6th June 2022.

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