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Further Arrests For Nigerian Gang

Gareth Hatton

3 Jun 2022

Last week we reported that a Nigerian gang-leader was arrested in Lagos. We expected further arrests to follow and Interpol have confirmed that three more Nigerians have been arrested.


It has been an exceptionally busy time for Interpol. In a COVID changed the world where people are turning to the cyber investment world to increase their earnings, the fraudsters are doing the same as the world takes root to a new breed to cyber-crime using crypto and defi (decentralised finance) projects to scam people. Following the arrest of the Nigerian gang leader last week, three more arrests have been made and we expect that the latest arrests are the same gang despite the different Geographical locations. HLT Co-Founder Miss Li’s investigation into the EDAI and TAMER scams found that the source code of the EDAI and TAMER apps were of Chinese/Korean origin, and it is our belief that the arrest last week and this week are indeed connected. We also believe that this network of Nigerians ensconced in Asia have been active using the arbitrage app firstly in Singapore and then in Nigeria as an early iteration of the scam which became to be known as EDAI which later resurfaced in South Africa as TAMER AI, before relaunching the app again in Nigeria as CALA and IEarnBot (Now also defunct) Following the arrest of the ring leader, it is our belief that by keeping his name out of the news media Interpol and the authorities have been able to utilise the information provided by the ring leader to shut down this network. Full story here.

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